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Aluminum surface treatment with decades of experience


Quality is our basic requirement, so the released workpieces are treated with maximum attention from degreasing to packaging


For decades, the leader of our company has grown to be one of the best in the profession, due to the constant desire for knowledge and determination


Our clients are satisfied with our work because the most important thing is to provide our customers with the possibly best service

Good working environment

Although our company does not so big with the current 4 members, but it gives it the familiar atmosphere

Environmental Protection

Our factory puts great emphasis on environmental protection, based on our sewer system, where we recycle contaminated water


Our company has always been open to accomplishing a seemingly impossible mission in relatively few working hours

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Properties and Advantages of Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum is relatively resistant to corrosion, due to the fact that it reacts with the oxygen of the air in seconds and develops a natural layer of oxide with a thickness of 0.01 to 0.1 micron on its surface.
This layer is removed during anodization and thickened artificially. The term itself refers to this as "electronic oxidation", so the oxide layer now measures 5-25 microns.


The oxide layer protects the aluminum for several years


The surface will be more aesthetic and colorable

Thermal Conductivity

The heat and reflective power increases, conducts heat well


Surface hardness increases, aluminum oxide is an excellent electrical insulator

Steps of anodizing

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Coloring (optional)

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