Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the plant? What is the maximum size that you can anodize?

We are a small plant, the constant size we can assume in the present technology is 1500 x 300 x 300 mm.

Do you undertake private work, such as bicycle parts, household items?

We used to do it, but now we can accept industrial quantities for companies.

Do you take color anodizing?

Currently, we undertake natural and black anodizing.

How much does anodizing cost?

Personal surveys and discussions are required for accurate pricing. We can't say the exact price of a part that was photographed.

I'll send a drawing of the component, can you quote?

Yes, we can give you an informative price, accurate at a personal meeting.

What do you need for pricing?

Accurate, readable drawing, material composition, number of items sent to e-mail, if possible, number of boreholes, marking of size.

What is the working time?

Based on the discussion, we will be individually determined on the basis of the existing congestion upon the receipt of the work and on the basis of the discussion of the needs.

Do you undertake mailing or delivery by courier?

Of course, we can get the job in any way, the customer must take care of the delivery, even by courier.