Aluminum anodizing, aluminum surface treatment

"Aluminum anodizing for decades"

Years of experience

Chemistry engineer with decades of experience is in charge of today's Z-ELOX Ltd. technology and quality service. Our customer satisfaction is the most important quality standard for us.

High quality

By adding technical innovations, we have achieved the aluminum surface treatment service using raw materials imported from Germany and Switzerland in compliance with EU standards.

Precise team

Young, dynamic business executives ensure fast and precise work, unchanged quality. Krisztina Zlinszki (Manager) János Ferró (plant manager)

Expanding technology

Operating since 2002, the anodizing plant is constantly evolving and expanding with modernized technology applications. We place great emphasis on the continuous development of technology.

Anodizing aluminum parts using organic paint by adsorption
Natural, corrosion protection and aesthetic anodizing of aluminum parts
Our factory in Vecsés undertakes the anodizing of aluminum parts related to different industries
Aluminum anodizing

Aluminum Surface Treatment We Serve:

  • Hydraulic components
  • Pneumatic components
  • Parts of machines and equipments
  • Electronic boxes, outer cover plates
  • Other industrial parts

Our special works

In individual cases, we are involved in a project in which we perform surface treatment

Movie props

The medieval chain dress used in the film which was directed in Hungary, collaboration with an American designer

Hospital parts

We are trying to provide quality parts for hospital conditions, our order for anodizing sterilization boxes

Up to the space

In 2010, as a member of the Hungarian Space Industry Cluster, we participated in the "FOCUS" attempt to anodize parts of metal foam generator on the board of ISS.

Looking back


Development of chandelier, surface treatment of chandeliers


Design and construction of anodising plants (Ferihegy MGTSZ anodizing plant)


Designing the base of our anodizing plant


Building our anodizing plant


The plant is expanding further with the current leadership


Ltd. Founding


Continuous expansion, technological innovation

Our partners

We are proud to be partners of the following companies without the need for completeness.

Anodized aluminium parts at Z-Elox

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