The steps of aluminum anodizing

After the appropriate tooling, the workpieces are dipped in the degreasing bath and finally neutralized. Purpose: Pure, pre-treated surface.
The part is hooked onto the guide rail of an anodizing bath which designed for this purpose, is dipped in dilute 20% sulfuric acid by means of electric current. Purpose: To create an artificial porous oxide layer
The anodic oxide layer pores channel absorbs the dye, which can be used to produce high-quality, bright-colored surfaces using a solution containing an organic dye at the appropriate dye concentration.
In order to increase the corrosion resistance and the durability of the colored surface, the pores of the coating should be sealed. Purpose: Closes, seals the anodized surface, making it more durable and resistant

Advantages of aluminum anodizing

  • Protects the aluminum surface from further corrosion
  • The aluminum surface treatment gives the product an aesthetic layer
  • Improves aluminum surface (harder surface)
  • The anodizing create the layer on the surface of the aluminum, not on the surface, thus protecting it much better than, for example without painting / chromate / because it can bounce easily later
  • Aluminum surface treatment improves the properties of aluminum eg. heat sinks for heat dissipation, conductivity


Chemical surface treatment, chemical corrosion protection

Chemical corrosion protection plays a very important role in the industry of leading industrial development. What is corrosion protection?

More and more heavy, medium, machine-ready or semi-finished products are produced in Hungary by domestic and international manufacturers. foreign markets (mainly to the EU countries). Due to increasingly stringent quality requirements and strong competition "struggle", one should strive to produce the most perfect products, where chemical surface treatment is a key point.

Because we can guarantee the quality of the goods with simple packaging, which protects them from physical effects, but what about protection against chemical effects? Chemical corrosion protection provides a solution to this. There is a significant corrosion price on the surface of the metals during the transport of the finished products or during storage in the warehouse. Corrosion from external influences is also caused by chemical effects / gases, liquids / aqueous solutions of electrochemical / alkali, acids, salts by electrolyte / action!

But even foreign chemicals used for metal processing - such as mineral, vegetable, or both, emulsions for cooling, lubricants, and so on. - can also cause corrosion on workpieces during extended storage, which would be prevented by chemical surface treatment.

The importance of protecting our product from corrosion is therefore obvious, as it is expected that raw materials and machining, labor wages etc. costs, the huge amount of work done is not to be wasted due to corrosion damage on workpieces stored without chemical treatment in the warehouse. Luckily, the recruiting market has recognized the importance of the above and demands that the product be protected against chemical effects, so it is important that the corrosion-induced damage is localized or completely eliminated, which is best suited for chemical corrosion protection companies.

Our company specializes in the protection of aluminum, which, in a professional language, means the anodizing of aluminum.

Protect your products with chemical corrosion protection technology!